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The problem was that at Zaldivar he was the squire of a vigorous prince only twelve winters older than himself but at New Raetia, of a man eight years his own grandfather's senior. He must have drunk a gill before he took the bottle from his mouth.

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There's a very old story about a virgin princess who saved herself from becoming a dragon's dinner by singing \nm to s\eep.

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Even if they guessed time was short, their efforts to save Birhat's population were almost certain to keep the two officers within the danger zone until too late. He smiled as he saw a flash of long, black hair duck back behind an oak, but he didn't scoot out after her.
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Dogwood Condos

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By then they were both drunk, and I could hear Mother scream every vulgar phrase imaginable.
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And after a moment in which he too bent his head he said, 'I have just been gazing at her too, with my sextant: a perfect lunar, with old Saturn there, as clear as any bell. Nor could I share her passionate eagerness for republican doctrines.

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Nor was it a brother and sister connection, with all the possibilities of jealousy and competition so often found therein, but a steady uncomplicated friendship and a pleasure in one another's company.

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I take it back! he gasped as he doubled over on the straw. And old Cohollo-Cohollo who had bound his life to Drogo's on the day of his birth, Cohollo who had always been kind to her-Cohollo spat full in her face.

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In Vicksburg a couple of fliers just back from England had bought him a lot of whiskies, and since January had spent several months stationed near London they had talked for a good long time and gotten pretty drunk. She looked up now, and to her terror, saw tears swim into Peabody's eyes.
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